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To date, 340 bird species have been identified and 140 of these species breed in this area.

A “Bird Sanctuary”, the town is probably the largest wetland area of ​​the Kızılırmak Delta on the Black Sea coast. The coexistence of living environments such as sea, lake, sand, forest and agricultural areas in a healthy ecosystem, “Living environments such as Bafra Kuş river, lake sand, forest and agricultural areas,” Bafra Kuş river is a possible and possible success and continues to exist. 420 bird population in Turkey, 140 of 340 bird species breed in this area, up to 340 bird species breeding in the delta. Of the 24 endangered bird species all over the world, 15 of them are located in the delta. and Ak Kirazk son, whose extinction has been seen only in the Kızılırmak Delta for 20 years, is worried, and some of the other bird species in the “Bafra Bird Paradise” are Crested Pelican, Dwarf Cormorant, Al-Necked Goose, Diktail, Imperial Eagle, Sea Eagle, Little Kestrel, Tarda. Sea Eagle, Crested Pelican, Black Stork, Stork, Crane, Heron, Duck Raincan and songbird Passeriformes shelter 100,000 waterfowl, delta food and fauna The best indicator of the contribution of its members…

There are 1 Visiting Center, 1 Management Center and 2 Bird Watching Towers in the Kızılırmak Delta Bird Sanctuary. From those who visited the delta; For its informational halls about the delta, displays displayed in the Visitor Center are prepared for all presentations displayed in the exhibition hall. It can be watched by camera images and ground images of different views of the delta being viewed, and bird watchers can make their observations.

Facility Name

Kizilirmak Delta Bird Sanctuary


+90 362 431 60 90

Transportation Information

Doğanca District, Kızılırmak Delta Bird Sanctuary, 55400 Bafra/Samsun

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